What in This World Can Contain My Love?

My love is like an elephantine blossom in a teacup,

far too grand for the space it occupies.

I can’t find my place.

I don’t fit in.

It’s overwhelming,

overwhelming the cup.

It tumbles out and over,



I stuff it back into that cup.

If I were a common rose or a simple daisy, a teacup would do.

In grandiose manner it presents and expands, petal by petal. Small and tight at the axis, then layer after layer, multiplying,

more abundant,

more complex,

more delicate,

more vulnerable as it whorls

further and further from the safety of it’s core.  Bigger and wider and heavier and more beautiful,

oh so beautiful!

A transcendent performance as it blooms. A symphony of color and perfume…

…  …   …

…and the cup topples over,

and cracks.

Water spills out.

Blossom upside down,

stem pointing to the sky,

begging to be saved.