With or Without You

With or Without You

Here I am. I love you. I’m ready to go.

I’m packing a bag and I’m hoping you’ll show.

So fearful, confused, you waver, you turn.

You want to, you wish to, our candle you burn.

We toy with this love and it just never ends.

It stretches and strains, it bows and it bends.

I’m ready to move from this place where I’m stuck,

to snap off these chains and jump into that truck

that takes me away from the “maybe someday,”

and frees me for love to expand as it may.

I hope that you’ll join me. I want you to come.

I know that you’re scared and I know where that’s from,

but it’s time to move on and to love and to grow,

and I’ll do that without you if you decide “no.”