Splattered Heart


Broken Heart

My Love is SoKing

Coddled Heart


Look But Don’t Touch

Forbidden Love

Heart Full of Treasure

Reflecting on Love

Clutching Heart

Abstract Love

Radish Me My Love

My Heart Beets For You Sweetie

Orange You Glad You Knocked?

Your Love is Draining

Me Heart Goes Pit-Tea-Patter

A Heart So Big

Pile O’ Petals

Puppy Love

Sea the Whole World in a Grain of Sand

Love Stands on it’s Own


Venus and Her Stars

Ketchup and Kiss Me

My Pot of Gold

Do You Snow How Much I Love You?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Heart

The Magic Garden, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

Love Carves a Spot in the Swirl of Life

I Love You As High As The Sky

Don’t Be Chicken To Let Your Love Show

A Creamy Surprise!

Passionate Pasta

Corny Love

Angels Descend on a Winter’s Eve

My girlfriend Michelle posted this on my Facebook wall.  This is her story: Cassidy had a guy over Wednesday to meet Dave and I for the first time. It was snowing when he… Continue reading

I Sea Love

I Love You Berry Much

Aura-gins of Love

Enduring Heart

Fresh Fruit

Salty little green orb; Don’t stick your tongue out at me.

Love Foam Me to You

You Don’t Need a Raisin(et) For Love

All is One

Breathe deep. Inhale: the salt of the sea, the warm pavement after a summer rain. Bury your face in a cluster of lilacs.   Open your eyes. See the gracious sun filter through… Continue reading


The dog doesn’t know what to make of me as I sit perched on my floral seat cushion at the kitchen table, leaning over, sobbing into my soup.

Big Fat Heart

Recycled Love

Making Love in the Green Grass

Heart of the Brussels Sprout

Roll Over For Love

Love Bark

Love in the Driveway

Heart and Sour Soup