Dark Angel


Love Lost in the Shadows

Love is at the Center of All Things

You’ve Always Bean The One

Waiting Patiently For My Other Half to Show

What You Perceive You Believe

I’m Nuts Over You

Down To Earth

Take a Bite of My Heart

Poop-aire Yourself For Love

Love Leaves You Guessing

I Love You Honey

Heart Revealed


Bleeding Heart


An entire galaxy in a bowl; So many stars the night sky is not visible. Orion mounts Cassiopeia, Andromeda saddles Pegasus, traversing the Milky Way. It’s chaos under starchy steam. With a spoon… Continue reading

Violet Angel Heart

I Serve You My Heart on a Platter

I Love You From the Barnacle of My Heart

Too Latte For Love

Light Wood Bring Joy

My Heart Took a Clip

Truncated Love

Fatal Break

Meaningless Reflection

Love Me Like a Rock

Love Left its Mark

Berry Sweet


In The Eye of The Beholder

Melt Into Love

At the Core, All There is is Love

Le Fin de L’Amour

Sometimes a Void Creates its Own Love

Heart Worn Thin

In the Shadow of Love

You are the Crater of Love

Never Shrub off Love

Dark to Light

I want to be someone who can turn dark to light, a rainy day to a joyful day.  I want to be an alchemist for the soul. There is only one ingredient I… Continue reading

Descending Love

So Much To Give

Kalelujah I Found Love!

Re-Tarred Heart

Love is Anemone


You are Anemone to My Heart

Two Halves Make a Whole

Holy Heart

Near Miss

The Deep Blue Sea

The sea holds my memories. Tiny droplets of thought and experience returned to the earth, intermingled with that of kindred souls, swimming together, existing for all of eternity. The energy never dies, it… Continue reading

This Heart Will Bounce Back