Love Floats Away


Love Muffin

It’s a Pita You Don’t Love Me

I’ve Fallen For You

Hold Me Close to Glue and Never Let Us Part

I Hold Your Heart Within My Heart

I Love Artie

Hull Me Close and Never Let Me Go

Love Kills

My Heart is But an Empty Shell

Heavenly Heart

Hearts Lie Naked on the Floor

At Shakespeare and Company, Paris France

Afternoon Delight


I Louvre You

At the Louvre, Paris, France

Triumphant Heart

At l’Arc de Triomphe, Paris,France

A Love So Deep

Pipeline To My Heart

I Need a Litter Love

Pocket Full of Love


Diamonds have power but a symphony in love major always wins the fruit

We Worship Honey

We Worship honey By Blue eternity as Men Manipulate pink Whispering Winds

Tied Up and Twisted


Hot Sweaty Love

Love is a Conglomerate

Love Descends From the Heavens

Love Song

Light Hearted

Heart of Stone

Bruised Heart

Star Burst

Is there a point at which your star bursts and shatters and all the shards and broken pieces explode and dissolve into the universe so that all you’re left with is the light?

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Don’t Defeet Your True Purpose

Heart of Superman

Whippet, Whippet Good!

Love From Above

Don’t Beet Around the Bush, Tell Me You Love Me!

In Accordance With Love

Perfectly Imperfect

Cushion The Blow

Phallic Heart

A Tale of Love

A Cherry Sweet Surprise

Used And Abused

Rising Above the Mess

You Made An Impression On Me

Love is Hydrangea Than Fiction

You Make Me Blue

Tear My Heart Out

Heart of Darkness