Love’s a Game of Chance


As Above, So Below

Love Illuminated

Look Deep Within

You MisRed the Signs

I’ve Been Berry True to You

Heart Been Walked Upon

Love in Bloom

Love, Love

Even an Ugly Doormat Needs Love

Peace and Love

Love is a Delicate Flower

Love Fades But it Leaves a Mark

Stop Dragon My Heart Around

When Love Gives You Limes Drink Vodka

Our Love is Rock Solid

You Chicken Me Out?

Itty Bitty Heart

It’s Chestnut a Coincidence We Met

Happy Valentine’s Day With Love From Me To You!

      I want to thank all of my followers and tell you that I really appreciate you. ❤  

The Door is Open

Worn Out

You Cran Do It!

You Can’t Run Away. Love Will Ketchup

I Stand in the Shadow of Love

Donut Break My Heart

Love Reveal Yourself To Me

He Petals His Love

Love Waxes and Wanes

J Love You

  apparently this vendor only sells the initial “J”.

That Glazed Over Look

You Light Up My Skies


I Left My Heart in Central Park

I Love You Butter Than The Rest

Merry Christmas!

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you so much for sharing my blog with me. Lots of Love to you and your families,… Continue reading

Doggone it! I’m Yours!

This Heart is Fried

Udon Stole My Heart

Burning Love

Given the Right “SIT”uation, Love Can Bloom

My Heart is Broken; Call a Sturgeon

I Can’t Strand Life Without Love

Love is Part and Parsley to Life

Love is Not Nececelery Easy

I’ll Leave The Light On

I Seed What Love Can Do

Will You Still Love Me Tommato?

Empty Knot Full

Dark Heart

My friend was at a funeral and this heart appeared in the sky above