All is One

Breathe deep.

Inhale: the salt of the sea,

the warm pavement after a summer rain.

Bury your face in a cluster of lilacs.


Open your eyes.

See the gracious sun filter through the ash.

The azure blue sky turns purple through rose colored lenses.

A tree pregnant with oranges, it’s branches weighted with sunshine.


Now close your eyes and listen

to the newborn baby sparrows calling for food.

The breeze through the eucalyptus fools you into believing there’s rain.

Small children giggle as they wet their feet in the rocky stream.


Now embrace someone.

Tear a handful of geraniums from a pot.

Take a bite of the apple.


If you hold your hand over your heart you will feel where I live in you.

If you reach out and touch someone else’s heart, you will see how I travel.