Angels Descend on a Winter’s Eve

My girlfriend Michelle posted this on my Facebook wall.  This is her story:

Cassidy had a guy over Wednesday to meet Dave and I for the first time. It was snowing when he left. I went outside to let Teddy (the dog) out and saw this. I went in and told Cassidy that what he did in the driveway was so cute. I thought he did it himself with a broom or shovel. Cassidy said “did what”? I said “the hearts”. She was confused.I took her outside to show her the tire tracks. The look on her face..Priceless! She said “mom, he didn’t do that. I walked him out and watched him drive off”…… Now if that’s not a sign….Cassidy sent him the photo later that evening he was just as shocked as we were. I told her to save the picture. You never know. This could be on the wedding invitation some day… Some day! Oh and the weird thing is that the way he parked he had to do a lot of maneuvering to get out and there aren’t any other tracks around this.